Organic avocados from Myanmar to Thailand

AFMA collaborated with Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable producer and exporter association (MFVP) in order to support  farmers and promote cross border trade. Organic avocados cultivated in the misty hills of Taunggyi, Shan state, Myanmar were delivered to Thailand, and now are distributed out to community. 

The sustainable production are managed by farmer villages and enthusiastic clusters, who are working with MFVP. Environmental friendly techniques such as no pesticide use, naturally ripening and hand-picking are used to support living of both community and forest together. Moreover, the clusters can have more earning and strengthen capacity building.

This trade demonstrated the regional access of agriculture produce from farmers to consumers without trade barrier. Consumers can be assured of having safe food and support farmers and environment. Also, the lower emission of carbon footprint is expected with shorter distance logistic.


Image courtesy of Meggan Hill/Culinary Hill

Seven Layer Dip Avocados

Remember 7-layer dip? Make individual, hand-held portions by overstuffing avocado halves. Serve with chips on the side for a festive appetizer. Get the full tutorial over at Culinary Hill.

Tuna Stuffed Avocados

I love using smashed avocado as a replacement for mayo, and this tuna-filled recipe by FitWasted uses the same idea.

Image courtesy of MaryRose Slominsky/FitWasted

Image courtesy of bd.weld/All Recipes

Baked Eggs in Avocado

Create a creamy, satisfying breakfast by cracking eggs into avocado halves and baking them for 15 minutes at 425ºF. Learn how to do it here.