AFMA (Agricultural and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific) is an inter-government non-profit organization in association with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations aims to promote food and agriculture knowledge and economic cooperation among government, private company, institute, and Civil Society Organization.


           The stability of food supplies in the Asia-Pacific region was a prominent issue during the 1980’s. There was a need for urgent attention to a wide range of agri-business development activities, such as improving storage and warehousing, grading and standardization, transportation, processing and conversion and preservation. This would require regional cooperation in educating the issues and factors involved to the various stakeholders within the market.

           In response to this issue, FAO sponsored a regional Group Consultation on ‘Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries for Food Marketing Systems Improvement’. In addition, it was recommended by the group of governments and food marketing institutions of 12 countries and a UNESCAP representative that a voluntary association of food marketing institutions should be established. As a result, the Association of Food and Agricultural Marketing Agencies in Asia and the Pacific began to operate in 1983 using financial and technical support of the FAO, as well as contributions from governmental member agencies. In 2006, the Association of Food and Agricultural Marketing Agencies in Asia and the Pacific changed their name to the Agricultural and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA) to reflect its new aim of being the association for all marketers instead of the association of only marketing agencies.

           AFMA operates financially through membership contributions, its own activities, and financial support from international agencies.


  • to stimulate economic and technical cooperation among food marketers in the Asia-Pacific Region

  • to establish among its members a machinery for the systematic interchange of information and experiences regarding various aspects of food marketing activities

  • to establish and maintain an appropriate relationship with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other international and regional organizations pursuing similar or related objectives

Management structure

          AFMA is an autonomous body governed by an Executive Committee (EXCOM) and General Assembly (GA) with backstopping by FAO. All administration, coordination among members, and proposal development are managed by the AFMA Secretariat.

GA comprises every member of the Association, which shall meet at least once every two years. The GA elects the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, EXCOM members, an auditor, and decides the location of the AFMA Secretariat. The GA determines the conditions for the admission of AFMA members, manages the AFMA constitution, the rules for voting and the convening of its meetings.

EXCOM comprises EXCOM members who are elected from one institution of each country by the General Assembly. The EXCOM members meet at least once a year and have a two year term.

EXCOM considers membership applications, and the annual program and budget of the Association.

Secretariat comprises an Executive Director (ED) and staff appointed the ED to work under his/her leadership. The Secretariat is responsible for AFMA’s full-time administration, ensuring co-ordination among members, organising events and meetings, initiating proposals, financial management, issuing publications and AFMA newsletters, and taking appropriate actions in accordance with the functions and aims of the Association.


Dy. Managing Director, National Cooperative Development Corporation, India


Additional Secretary, Ministry of Food, Bangladesh


Mr. Sein Win Hlaing, UMFCCI, Myanmar

Mr. C. Viswanath, FCI, India

Dr. Han Jizhi, SAG, China

Ms. Mushfeka Ikfat, MoF, Bangladesh

Mr. Ahmad B. Ishak, FAMA, Malaysia

Mr. Park Hyung Joong, NACF, Republic of Korea

Mr. Daya D.K. Gamage, Daya Group (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka