AFMA members


Advisory Board

Institutional Members

  1. Ministry of Food, the People's Republic of Bangladesh

  2. State Administration of Grain, the People's Republic of China

  3. Apollo Thailand Co. Ltd. (

  4. Food Corporation of India

  5. National Cooperative Development Corporation, the Republic of India

  6. Central Warehousing Corporation, the Republic of India

  7. National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, the Republic of India

  8. National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, the Republic of Korea

  9. Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority, Malaysia

  10. PANA Coffee, The Kingdom of Thailand

  11. Sikhod Promote Sustainable Agriculture Sole Co., Ltd, the Lao People's Democratic Republic

  12. CLUPM Foundation, the Kingdom of Thailand

  13. Non-Toxic Agriculture Institution under Royal Initiative, the Kingdom of Thailand

  14. The Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI)

 Bronze Members

  • Pesketaer Purchasing Solutions Co. Ltd., HONG KONG S.A.R.

  • SAFE Organic Co., Ltd

  • Skin Dive Thailand Association

Individual members:

  1. Tanasak Wahawisan

  2. Peter Butt, PhD

  3. Sengchanh Sayavongxy

  4. Laddawan Kannuth, PhD

  5. Reverend Fr Bruno Rossi

  6. Brother Anurak Nidhipahndraporn

  7. Cil Ha Thiem

  8. Ro Yam Ha Duc

  9. David Leng

  10. Jirapach Jiampanyarach PhD

  11. Anil Kumar PhD

  12. Kenneth Rimdahl

  13. Isabelle Decitre

  14. Damdindorj Tsengel

  15. Yura Jargalmaa

  16. Puntsagdash Enkhtuya

  17. Jantsan Urangua

  18. Surendorj Erdenechimeg

  19. Gombosuren Galbaatar

  20. Gombosuren Batmyadag

  21. Tsend Oyungerel

  22. Tsegmid Batzaya

  23. Tumurbat Turmandakh

  24. Chuluunbaatar Suvd

  25. Pushpa Raj Shahi

  26. Jaykala Basnet

  27. Geeta Subedi Rai

  28. Radhika chapagai

  29. Binda Rai

  30. Bimala Dahal

  31. Ramesh Bahasdur Basne

  32. Mohan Kumar Basnet

  33. Madhav Prasad Ghorasaine

  34. Mitralal Sharma

  35. Manju Kumari Sharma

  36. Jay Ram Sigdel

  37. Bigyan Sah

  38. Lok Bahadur Khatri

  39. Manju Chapagai

  40. Ian Lewis

  41. Mohd. Desa Hassim Ph.D.

  42. Vichit Krupanyamat


“AFMA is your partner for Food Sustainability: Facilitator and Endorser”

 AFMA Membership advantages


  1. Increase your business exposure and opportunities

  • List your company and profile in website and quarterly newsletter

  • Introduce your company to AFMA and ESBN network

  • Benefits from special rates on events, advertising, and training


      2. Develop your business relation in Thailand, Greater Mekong Sub-region, Asia and the Pacific

  • Extend your professional network through AFMA and ESBN

  • Benefit from special rates on AFMA Business matching services

  • Improve your chances for successful market linkage through facilitator and consultation

  • Meet international food companies/policy makers and trade delegation and local partners


      3. Have direct access to key information

  • Benefits from AFMA publications

  • Join the AFMA Working Group on Sustainable Agro Food Platform (SAF) and Endorsement

  • Attend events and exhibition especially “Sustainable Agro Food Business Forum (SABF)”


      4. Contribute to strengthening Asia and the Pacific business sustainability


Become a member

Who can be AFMA member? 
The membership of the association is open to:

National and State level government departments, statutory bodies, government corporations or apex cooperative associations which are responsible for food and agricultural marketing;

National-level institutions which are involved in training and research in food and agricultural marketing; and Individual professional or food and agricultural marketing enterprises, associations and entrepreneurs which have made significant contributions in the field of food and agricultural marketing

Fee and benefits
The membership fee comprises an annual fee and an admission fee. The admission fee is applied for first-time applicants only and is only paid once on joining AFMA. The Term of membership is 12 months and membership commences at the beginning of the month immediately following acceptance of a member’s application.

All AFMA members will be treated as first priority to gain benefits from discount registration rates for activities, exchanging technical knowledge, policy advice, and receiving AFMA newsletters and other related publications for free. Members can advertise their organization and activities at a discounted rate, or for free, for some announcements or press releases in hard copy newsletters, e-newsletters and on the AFMA website which will reach the regional community. Links to member’s institution or company from the AFMA website will also be provided and members will be permitted to use the AFMA logo (except individual members) in their respective publications and websites.

Fee per annum and benefits


Individual US70 + no admission fee

  • No voting right

Bronze Member US 1000 + admission US 500

  • Company link from AFMA website

  • Be able to use AFMA logo

  • Company name in every issue of AFMA newsletter

    SAFEndorsement on Value Chain Programme 

Institutional Member US3300 + admission US500

  • Support fund* for ONE person to attend GA

  • Company link from AFMA website

  • Be able to use AFMA logo

  • Company name in every issue of AFMA newsletter



  1. Fill out all details online

  2. Make a payment by draft or transferring

  3. Send the application form with a copy of draft or transferring receipt to AFMA (individual membership also need to provide a copy of passport)

  4. Receive a letter of acceptance with a receipt of payment in 2 weeks from AFMA


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