General Wuttinun Leelayudth



  • B.SC Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, 1977 
  • Command and General Staff Officer Course, Royal Thai Army, 1986 
  • International Defense Management Course, Naval Postgraduate School, USA, 1991 
  • M.B.A., Kasetsart University, 1996 
  • Joint Staff College Course, Joint Staff College, 1997 
  • Senior International Defense Management Course, Naval Postgraduate School, USA, 2002 
  • National Defense Course, National Defense College, RTARF, 2005 
  • Advanced Diploma, Chief Executive, Capital Market Academy, Thailand, 2007 
  • Advanced Diploma, Political and Electoral Development Program (APED I), Political and Electoral Development Institute, Thailand, 2010 
  • Advanced Diploma, Advanced Certificate Course in Politics and Governance in Democratic Systems for Executives, King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Thailand, 2010 
  • Top Executive Program in Commerce and Trade, Commerce Academy, University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2013
  • Senior Executive on Justice Administration Batch 19, National Justice Academy, Office of Judiciary, 2015
  • Director Accreditation Program, Thai Institute of Directors, 2018


  • Staff Officer to Chief of Staff, RTA, 1992 
  • Staff Officer to Chief of Joint Staff, RTARF, 1994
  • Staff Officer to Commander-in-Chief, RTA, 1995 
  • Staff Officer to the Supreme Commander, RTARF, 1997
  • Director, Office of Defense Resources Management, 2000 
  • Assistant Comptroller General, Office of the Comptroller General, 2004
  • Deputy Commanding General, Office of the Comptroller General, 2005
  • Deputy Commanding General, National Defense Studies Institute, 2006 
  • Adjutant General, Royal Thai Armed Forces, 2008 
  • Special Expert, Royal Thai Armed Forces, 2010 
  • Deputy Chief of Joint Staff, Royal Thai Armed Forces, 2011 
  • Commanding General of National Defence Studies Institue, Royal Thai Armed Forces, 2013
  • Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Royal Thai Armed Forces, 2014


  • Professional Member, Kasetsart University Council
  • Member of National Reform Steering Assembly
  • Member of National Reform Council
  • Advisor of Senate Sub-commission on Military, Senate, 2004 
  • Expert, Civil Military MBA, Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University, 2006 
  • Director of Graduate School, National Defense Studies Institute, 2006