List of past activities by AFMA



AFMA Activities 2015

Study tour on “Pro-poor Policy Approaches to Address Risks and Vulnerability at the Country Level’ Phrase II
27 September – 1 October 2015, Bangkok and Pathum Thani, Thailand

AFMA led five government officials from Nepal funded by FAO’s project on “Pro-Poor Policy Approaches To Address Risk and Vulnerability at the Country Level” Phrase II. The group visited Cooperative Promotion Department, Marketing Organization for Farmer, Thai Agro Exchange Co., Ltd., Fung Kajorn farm and Green Market at Pathumthani Hospital to to study successful systems of Government’s support to small farmer sustainability and agricultural value chain. 

35th Executive Committee Meeting
15 September 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

AFMA organized the annual meeting on 15 September for members to share their experiences and learn from each other and from our association. The 35th Session of the Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting took place at the Royal Princess Larn Luang, Bangkok. It presented an opportunity to consider what we have achieved last year and to plan strategies for 2016. We organized the meeting to be concurrent with the SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2015 which is the international trade show for agricultural and food agribusiness. 

Direct Marketing Symposium and Training Workshop
14-18 September 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

In conjunction with SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2015, AFMA, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and the Crawford Fund (Australia) organized a two day seminar on “Market Access for Small Farmers through Direct Marketing”, from September 17-18, 2015. The seminar was preceded by a two day direct marketing master class on 14-15 September 2015 and a one day field tour (September 16). The seminar presented 10 papers that illustrate successful examples of direct marketing concepts in the Asia Pacific region. 

Training Workshop on Developing and Implementing Agro- Industrial Strategies
25-27 August 2015, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Agribusiness is constantly evolving while demand continues to grow, consumer needs shift, production challenges intensify, and new technology impacts every aspect of the agrifood system. To support agro-industrial development, AFMA in partnership with the Rural Infrastructure and Agro-industries Division (AGS) of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is organizing a Southeast Asia Training Workshop on Developing and Implementing Agro-Industrial Strategies on 25 to 27 August 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Study tour on “Pro-poor Policy Approaches to Address Risks and Vulnerability at the Country Level” in Thailand
26-29 April 2015, Bangkok and Nakhonpathom, Thailand

AFMA had an opportunity to lead ten government officials from Laos and Cambodia funded by FAO’s project on “Pro-Poor Policy Approaches To Address Risk and Vulnerability at the Country Level”. The group visited Nakhonpratom to meet successful case of safe vegetables grower group and learned good market linkage case at KU Beef Cooperative. The participants also had a meeting with senior officials at Cooperative Promotion Department to study about the cooperative movement in Thailand.

AFMA Activities 2014

Consultation workshop on the Legal Guide on Contract Farming
26 September 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

FAO and IFAD, UNIDROIT will hold the Consultation workshop on the Legal Guide on Contract Farming on 26 September 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. This workshop will focus on the legal framework for contract farming arrangements and on how practical issues that may come up between producers and buyers can be addressed in the contract. It welcomes the participants with practical and/or legal experience in contract farming in countries in Asia for helping develop the content of a forthcoming international legal reference document on contract farming.

34th Executive Committee Meeting and 17th General Assembly
28 August 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

AFMA has organized the annual meeting so members can join together in sharing and learning from each other and from our association. The 34th Session of the EXCOM Meeting and the 17th Session of the General Assembly will take place at the Century Park Hotel, Bangkok. It will present an opportunity to consider what we have achieved last year and to plan strategies for 2015. This time we have organized the meeting to be concurrent with the ISRMAX Asia 2014.

Asian Rice Forum
29 August 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

Asia is home to the biggest rice producer and consumption. Life of Asian’s people involve with rice either as a food or a cultural inherit. Besides, rice marketing has been used as a political issue in some countries. AFMA present the Asian Rice Forum in connection with the ISRMAX Asia 2014 and Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014 to share insight of rice market situation in major rice production and consumption countries. 

Study tour in Malaysia on Public Rice Export, Procurement, Distribution and Food Safety Regulation
22-28 June 2014, Malaysia
AFMA in association with the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (NFPCSP), FAO Bangladesh organized a study tour on public rice export, procurement, distribution and food safety regulation in Malaysia. Seven senior officers, mainly from the
Ministry of Food of Bangladesh joined the visit, aiming to gain a practical understanding of how Malaysia is developing and promoting its rice industry.

AFMA Activities 2013

**Asia-Pacific Regional Symposium "Entrepreneurship And Innovation In Organic Farming"**
**2 – 4 December 2013 - Bangkok, Thailand**

Coorganized by IFOAM, FAO, AFMA and APRACA, this Symposium will address the different successful strategies adopted by organic farmer entrepreneurs to ensure their competitiveness in a series of presentations and workshops complemented by a field trip. There are also corporate sponsorship opportunities available. 

**Study tour in Vietnam on Rice policy and Supply Chain
6-12 October – Vietnam **

AFMA Executive Director has leaded 7 senior officials from the House of Parliament and the Ministry of Food, Bangladesh to acquire a practical understanding of rice policy and supply chain in Vietnam. The study tour also includes organizing of government and private quota in rice export, stock management, storage and distribution.

**AFMA's Executive Committee Meeting
15-17 August 2013 - Hong Kong**

AFMA has organized our annual meeting regularly and it is always great to see the faces of our members. The 33rd EXCOM Meeting will take place at the Harboueview Hotel, Hong Kong. It is time to sum up what we have achieved last year and for the next achievements we plan for the next year. This time we organize to meeting to be concurrent with the Hong Kong Food Expo 2013, where members can enjoy a walk in one of the biggest food events in the world. 

Training Workshop on Planning and Implementing Contract Farming Operation
8-11 July 2013, Rayong, Thailand.**

This event is the second of a series of planned training workshops, has the purpose of building the capacity of government officials, development practitioners, professionals from NGOs and other interested persons on issues related to facilitating the initiation of contract farming operations. 

**Study Tour in the Philippines on public export, procurement, stocking, storage, distribution and food safety
7-13 April 2013 - The Philippines**
AFMA in collaboration with FAO Bangladesh will organize a Study Tour in the Philippines on public export, procurement, stocking, storage, distribution and food safety. There study tour will be on 7-13 April 2013. For their most benefit, AFMA has tailored the programme to suit their expertise and interests .This programme thus organized especially for the Bangladesh officials. 

AFMA Activities 2012

Training Workshop on Planning and Implementing Contract Farming Operation
12-14 November 2012 - Rayong, Thailand

Interest in contract farming as a mechanism to coordinate linkages between farmers and agribusiness firms has grown considerably in the recent past, in large part because of the international trends towards tighter alignment in agrifood supply chains.
The workshop will be facilitated by Carlos A. da Silva (Senior Agribusiness Economist, AGS, Rome), Ralph Houtman (Agriculture Officer- Value Chains, Marketing and Rural Finance RAP, Bangkok), Caterina Pultrone (Legal Consultant, FAO, Rome) and Juejan Tangtermthong (Executive Director, AFMA).

Organic Seoul 2012 : International Symposium on Marketing and Finance of the Organic Supply Chain
23-26 September 2012 - Seoul, Korea

Organic Seoul 2012 or the “International Symposium on Marketing and Finance of the Organic Supply Chain” will be a forum for exchange of experiences of organic practitioners, marketers and financiers from around the region and a medium to learn what the best practices are, what works and what does not work in terms of marketing and financing organic production. Topics will include contract farming, certification systems, participatory guarantee systems, farmers’ markets and other forms of direct marketing, export of organic produce, transition schemes, financing organic vis-à-vis non-organic, financing transition, educating the bankers, role of governments.

Training Workshop on Implementing GAP in Fruit and Vegetable Sector, its Certification and Accreditation
3-7 September 2012 – Bangkok, Thailand

AFMA organized this  4 day training workshop and 1 day field trip umbrella of FAO. The instructors were Ms. Shashi Sareen, Ms. Namrata Waklaloo, Mr. Sherwin Felicidario, Mr. Ramesh Bhat and Mr. Anut Visetrojana. 28 Participants from governmental and privates sectors of the GMS took part in the event to train and share their experiences on the GAP issue and also to be ready and prepared for the AEC, which emerging to all South East Asia nations. 

The 32nd Session of the Executive Committee Meetingand the 16th Session of the General Assembly
30-31 August 2012, Bangkok, Thailand

Am annual meeting for AFMA members to gather together to know the develop and success of our association. The meeting was successfully passed in a friendly atmosphere. AFMA would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and to say thank you to our members for their continuous supports and contributions. 

Study Tour in Vietnam on public rice export, procurement, stocking, storage and distribution
1-7 July 2012 - Vietnam

In order to acquire a practical understanding of the role of the government and the private sector in rice export, stock management, storage and distribution Seven officials of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management of the Government of Bangladesh involved in food procurement and management. AFMA took part in organizing the study tour for them.

Workshop on Sampling for Agricultural Censuses and Surveys
13-18 May 2012 - Bangkok, Thailand
FAO and AFMA hosted this events which the aim to enhance skills and knowledge of key government agencies in agricultural surveys and censuses. Participants came from 15 countries in Asia. The workshop highlighted the framework of a national survey programme. 

Inception Workshop on Pro-Poor Policy Approaches to Address Risk and Vulnerability at the Country Level
22-23 March 2012 - Bangkok, Thailand
FAO and IFAD signed the second phase of a Grant Agreement to assist four countries of Asia the Pacific Region in formulating and implementing pro-poor policies at country level. A particular focus of the project is helping smallholder farmers and the rural poor manage and cope with risk, especially those posed by market integration and climate change. 

AFMA Activities 2011

Workshop on Capacity Building for Producer Organizations
19-21 October 2011, Chiang Mai, Thailand
A regional capacity building workshop is held in Asia on the topic of Workshop on Capacity Building for Producer Organizations.  The workshop covers support to the following key topics relating to (i) producer-market linkages; (ii) post harvest management; (iii) Good Agricultural Practices (iv) cooperative and collective action (v) business services; and (vi) financial services. 


AFMA EXCOM meeting
7 September 2011 - Hong Kong
AFMA Secretariat organizes the 31st Executive Committee (EXCOM) meeting on Wednesday, 7 September 2011 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Hong Kong. The meeting was organized back to back with the Asia Fruit Logistica. 

Rice Policy Study Tour
23-28 May, 2011 – Thailand
The study tour provides participants’ with familiarity with the rice marketing chain in Thailand, with a focus on processing and storage, and on the country’s potential as a source of supply for the Public Food Distribution System of Bangladesh. It also enables participants to get a better understanding of national policies impacting on rice price and quality.

Regional Workshop on FAO Data Collection, Processing and Dissemination System of Food and Agriculture Statistics
28 March-1 April 2011 - Novotel Siam Square, Bangkok
The workshop will explain and discuss FAO data requirements of production, trade and Food Balance Sheet (FBS) data, and related international standards and methodologies. It is designed to help countries better understand these subjects and thus better accomplish the requirements of the FAO questionnaires.

Modernizing the Asian Rice Industry
16-17 February 2011 - Bangkok, Thailand
With the food price effect and weakness in rice industry functions during 2007-2008, World Bank, ASEAN and FAO has conducted a study on important issues for the rice industrial sector to be modernized and to gain government’s confidence in the ability to meet the region’s food security with no government intervention.

AFMA Activities 2010

Asian Agro-Marketing Forum and the 15th GA and 30th EXCOM Meeting
13-15 October 2010 - Yangon, Myanmar
According to the 29th EXCOM held in November 2009 in Zhengzhou, China, it was agreed that the 15th General Assembly (GA) and the 30th Executive Committee (EXCOM) of AFMA will be organized in Yangon, Myanmar this year. In this connection, Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) was proudly hosted this event.

Study tour on "Key functions of the Government Extension System in Strengthening Thailand's Fruit Industry"
20-29 July, 2010 – Thailand
The study tour in Thailand was designed to offer participants insights into; how the government agricultural extension system has contributed to the development of Thailand’s fruit and high value plantation crop industries. 

Consultation Workshop on Market Oriented Agricultural Extension
11-13 May 2010 - Bangkok Thailand 
This workshop gave an understanding of the structure of agricultural extension in different countries. It is known that many governments in Asia are changing their perspective from one of food security to one of livelihoods. Market- oriented extension has been starting in many countries. However, the services available have not yet reached a satisfactory level. The workshop was a success in raising awareness of the work that FAO has done in market-oriented extension and introducing many training and extension materials which can support national extension agencies. Each country identified issues and priority needs.

AFMA Activities 2009

Workshop on Wholesale Market Infrastructure and Quality Management
8-12 November 2009 - Zhengzhou, China

The workshop built a small network of wholesale managers across Asia and Africa that they can share experiences and learn from each other. Participants from traditional markets had great learning experiences same as participants from market authorities.

Study Tour on Exotic Fruit Supply Chain
19-24 May 2009 - Bangkok and Chantaburi, Thailand
The tour focused on four economic tropical fruits being harvested at the time. There were durian, rambutan, mangosteen and longkong. It involved four days visiting two farms, TESCO distribution centre, fruits processing factory, local assembly market and one exporter. The findings from the trip covered the roles of producers, the private sector and government in the chain.

Symposium Go...Organic 2009
19-21 August 2009 - Bangkok, Thailand
There were 334 participants from Thailand and abroad. Around 20% of participants were from abroad, the rest were Thai. They were from universities, private companies and government institution, respectively. It was a big event that gathering 52 oral presentations and 83 post presentations altogether. For this event AFMA provided media support to regional network and we had table to deliver free publications and welcome for membership application.

Workshop on Rice Policies and Food Security in Asia: what we have learned from the 2008 rice price crisis and can we avoid another one?
10-12 February 2009- Chiangmai, Thailand
There was discussion and analysis of various rice statistics, government actions and policies and the course of world and domestic rice prices during the crisis. The meeting discussed the reaction of government agencies to the situation and what were the impacts of each policy. Although the rice crisis happened at approximately the same time as the global food price crisis, the causes were different.
List of participants | Program Summary

AFMA Activities 2008

Study Tour on Philippines Food Security for Bangladesh delegates
23-29 November 2008 - Manila and Nueva Ecija, Philippines 

Study Tour on Thailand Rice Marketing for Bangladesh delegates
16-22 November 2008 - Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Sakaew, Thailand

The Twenty-Eighth Executive Committee Meeting and Fourteenth General Assembly
14 November 2008 - Bangkok, Thailand

Workshop on Role of Commodity Associations in Asia and the Pacific
11-13 November 2008 - Bangkok, Thailand
The workshop was attended by 20 participants from India, Korea, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The meeting concluded that commodity associations are potentially valuable for the region as there is a need to increase the understanding of the function and activities of all parties involved in a chain and linkages between chain actors must become more formal and sophisticated in response to market trends.

Study Tour on Agricultural and Food Security for South African delegates
28 September - 4 October 2008 - Nakhonpathom, Petchaburi, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, Thailand

International Seminar on Consumer Trends and Export of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits
14-16 July 2008 - Bangkok, Thailand
It attracted around one hundred participants, mostly from Southeast Asian countries. The seminar focused on trends for tropical fruits in potential markets such as Europe, America and Japan. Potential tropical and subtropical fruits that were discussed during the seminar are banana, dragon fruit, mango, kiwi, durian, orange, mangosteen and pineapple. Asia is the major producer of tropical fruit and hold 58.2% market share. However, the main production is still for domestic consumption.

The Twenty-Seventh Executive Committee of AFMA
3 April 2008 - New Delhi, India 

FAO/AFMA/India Regional Workshop on Integrated Supply Chain Management: Opportunities for Small Farmers
31 March - 4 April 2008 - New Delhi, India
The four days workshop consisted of ten sessions concerning with country experiences, linkages of farmers to the market, procurement models, food safety, commodity trading, new warehousing receipt law, e-commerce, supply chain management and transport systems. Seventeen presentations were covering these topics.

AFMA Activities 2007

FAO/AFMA/KMUTT Regional Training Workshop on Young Coconut Water Bottling
12-13 December 2007 - Bangkok, Thailand 

Study Tour on Agro-Industry in Thailand
25-30 November 2007 - Sakaew, Chachoengsao, Ratchaburi, Pathumthani and Nonthaburi, Thailand

Study Tour on Supply Chain of Fresh Produces in Thailand
5-9 November 2007 - Bangkok, Saraburi, Ayudthaya and Nakornpathom, Thailand

Study Tour on Organic and Hydroponic Farm
2-6 September 2007 - Bangkok, Sakaew and Pathumthani, Thailand

Study Tour on Agro ASEAN
9-14 July 2007 - Chiang Mai, Nonthaburi, Ratchaburi and Saraburi Thailand

Study Tour on Vegetable Postharvest Processing
1-5 July 2007 - Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom and Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Study Tour on Rice and Grain Processing
17-20 June 2007- Pathumthani, Chachoengsao, Nonthaburi, and Lopburi, Thailand

Study Tour on Exotic Fruit Postharvest and Marketing Practices
21-26 May 2007 - Bangkok, Pathumthani and Chantaburi, Thailand

Case Study on Small Farmers Delivering Produce to High Value Market in Asian Countries 
10 September 2007- 8 January 2009, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and Philippines

Survey on Export Cost Competitiveness of Selected Vegetables and Fruits in Thailand
10 October 2007- 22 April 2008, Thailand

AFMA Activities 2006

International Symposium on Fresh Produce Supply Chain Management
6-10 December 2006 - Chiangmai, Thailand

The 26th Executive Committee Meeting and the Twelfth General Assembly
24 November 2009 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FAO/AFMA/Malaysia Regional Workshop on Marketing Training in the Agricultural Supply Chain
20-23 November 2006 - Kuala Lumpur and Melaka, Malaysia

The 25th Executive Committee Meeting
7 August 2006 - Bangkok, Thailand