Our Services

  • AFMA organizes technical activities, such as study tours, trainings and workshops for senior-level policy makers and middle-level managerial and technical staff on various technical aspects of food marketing system for both AFMA members and non-members. 
  • AFMA conducts activities to enhance the exchanging of regional information, knowledge and support among the food marketing institutions, International organization and NGOs on every aspect of food marketing.
  • AFMA distributes news and advertisements through AFMA media to increase your business opportunities.

Study tours 

AFMA organizes professional agricultural marketing study tours to match your objectives, time and budget. We regularly organize study tour for governments and enterprises. We offer both tailored programs and our own developed programs which depends on the seasonal nature of crop growth and harvesting.  Our programs are highly suitable for high-level decision makers, entrepreneurs and operating supervisors who are working on agricultural production, post-harvest technology, extension or marketing.

From 2007 onwards, we have organized many interesting study tours covering fresh produce supply chains, grain handling and storage, food security, and the sustainability of small farmers. Our area of study tour can be in any country in the Asia and Pacific region.

The minimum number of persons for each study tour is five persons. The cost will vary depending on the proposal whilst taking into account the nature of the knowledge transfer, the domestic transportation required, meals and time frame. The cost does not include international flights and accommodation, although the AFMA secretariat can assist you with arranging and booking tickets and hotels. 


AFMA can provide you with training courses on small scale food processing, post-harvest handling, agricultural branding and marketing.  Our trainings usually collaborate with institutes or universities and make use of their facilities and space. For optimizing the benefits to the trainees, a field trip (one or more days) will be added into the program. If there is free time, leisure activities can also be arranged.

The cost of the training also depends on the facilities, equipment, number of lecturers and their experience, meals, domestic transportation requirements and any field trips or additional excursions. For cost and facility sharing, training can be organised for small groups of five to twenty people. International flights and accommodation are not included in the training cost.

Workshop and seminars 

With the support of international donors and in collaborating with international and national organizations, AFMA organizes at least one workshop every quarter. The topic on agricultural marketing can be varied although has to relate to the interests of our members in accordance with the objectives of the Association. Our workshops are rotated in many countries in the region in which we have members to host or help on coordinating matters including China, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

We can set a workshop for ten to hundreds persons depending on the budget and our mutual agreement.  The cost of one workshop is estimated based on the number of speakers and participants, the venue, type of room or rooms required, interpreter(s) (if needed), materials, extra services and meals.


With our own manpower and through the consultation of relevant experts, AFMA conducts project studies has and implements projects which have positive impact within the region in accordance with the objectives of the Association. 

With support from the FAO Regional Office, AFMA had been studying many successful cases of small farmers in the region and produced DVD for agricultural marketing extension purposes. 

The Green Commerce Community System or “Grecocos” is one of AFMA’s current projects. The project was initiated by FAO to directly link to groups of consumers and individual farmers or groups of farmers. Service and supply are managed by AFMA. See more about Grecocos on Facebook.